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Cena's Rap for Smackdown 4/1/04

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

But is Columbus here to represent? (Damn straight!)
Then let me hear the whole building make some noise!

I'm stil giving FU's,
And still pumping up my shoes.
This Great American Award?
Your boy is not gonna lose.
Look at Charlie Haas;
He had to cheat his way in.
Big Show is buying apple pies;
He's trying to eat his way in.
And ya'll know they gonna keep this award sucker free.
Forget about that Busta Rhymes Wannabe
They call Booker T.
See, I'm 'onna win this thing tonight
By beating two Italian tough guys.
I'm reppin' Ohio State!
Giving competition Buck Eyes!
But check this out.
Michael Cole gotta new squeeze
(Tazz they look good together.)
But you know what? Before ya'll choke on each other
You can choke on Deez.
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