Kimberly (i_am_an_angel) wrote in fansocena,

Cena's Rap Smackdown 8/12/04

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
The Champ is here! The Champ is here!
The Champ is here in Detroit!

So tonight on Smackdown, we s'posed to have have this little relay.
Booker T's team backed out. They'd rather have a three way.
My team's ready to rock. I got Mr. Thursday Night.
Jumping froggy with five stars, gettin' higher than a kite.
And Charlie Haas is tough. But I'm gonna make it no surprise.
You on my team because of Jackie. She has them...real...big...Eyes!
And the franchise is doing big business at SummerSlam.
In a best of five series, I got Booker T's number, Man.
Because John Cena is a one man [bleep] kicking committee.
And we about to rock the house, right here in the motor city.
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