Kimberly (i_am_an_angel) wrote in fansocena,

Cena's Rap Smackdown 7/22/04

And I finally found out why Kurt Angle is so mad at me.
His wife's cheating on him with some Double A batteries.
So he makes me wrestle Luther. I'm supposed to be real scared.
He's stuck up Kurt's (bleep) more than Kurt Angle's wheel chair.
It's the City of Brotherly Love, but those two are carried away.
Those dudes are so close, they gettin' married today.
I want ya'll to take a real good looke at Luther Reigns
That ain't a mustache. Those are Kurt Angle poopy stains.
I'm 'onna break up this honeymoon between Kurt and his spouse.
You gon' wip your feet (bleep), this is my house!!!
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