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John Cena's Rap for Smackdown 4/8/04

San Antone! San Antone! San Antone!
Now is San Antone up in here to represent? (Damn straight!)
Then throw them hands up and let me hear ya make some noise!

This great American award?
I'm 'onna win it tonight.
It's a no brainer.
Even Kurt Angle can get it right.
I'm the United States Champ
I put on a demonstration.
I beat two Italians last week
To get this nomination.
Renee Dupree was ringside
With one of his poodle mutts.
So I punked out a French Dude
And hit his (bleep) with my nuts.
So whoever I'm fighting tonight
I got a word of advice, Man.
I be slammin' cats with style
Just like I was the Iceman.
I gotta little something to say
To the rest of the nominees.
Don't get choked up when you lose.
Get choked up on Deez!
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