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15th October 2006

cinderella__x11:53pm: Come Join A New John Cena Community.

26th February 2006

i_am_an_angel12:15am: Sorry...
I'm sorry this is off topic, but I'm so excited I'm telling everyone. My sister is pregnant, and I'm going to be an aunt.

I'm sorry this isn't John Cena related, and I understand if you need to delete this post.

17th January 2006

nettah2:21pm: SHIIIIIITT!!


but he will always be "my champ" < 3
that fu*king edge. ;<<
edge sucks. ;

6th January 2006

i_am_an_angel12:30pm: Elimanation Chamber
So what are your predictions? I predict the "Champ is Here" and will stay "Here". But that's b/c of all the rumors I've been reading.

Now, let me admit something to all of you. There are three WWE superstars that I cheer for whether they are heel or face. One of them is John Cena. Then is the Undertaker (he's my absolute favorite, I have to admit that!). The third one is Kurt Angle. So this Angle/Cena feud has been tearing me apart. As long as one of them win the Elimination Chamber, I'll be satisfied!

Oh, btw, Carlito is cool too! lol

8th October 2005

nettah6:57pm: ...
I really wait that day when Raw comes to Finland, 'cause Smackdown comes here on november, and I'm so exciting about that so you can imagine how exciting I would be if Raw comes here! : > 'Cause that would mean that Cena comes here too.! :) Has anyone been watchin' SD or Raw? < :

26th August 2005

youcantseeme544:56pm: Are we DEAD???
AHHH! Don't tell me this community is dead....!! There's sooo much John to discuss, REALLY! Let's get it popping!!!! *starts singing let's get it poppin' by fat joe* Erm, enough of my singing. Let's see... topics...I can think of a few... my major one is all about the new movie, The Marine. I've heard its coming out somewhere between January and April, at least that's what they say. Ya da ya da ya da... there isn't really much talk about the whole thing. Anyway, what do you all think about it?
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21st August 2005

i_am_an_angel11:20am: Cena's Album...
So what's up??? Okay, I'm going to try to make this community a little more active.

Question, who has John Cena's album? Whether you bought it or downloaded it, who has it?
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7th August 2005

nettah5:23pm: I haven't been here for a while, but you're right.
No one haven't posted even John Cena has done many things!
But I'm not good sayin' that because I haven't done it myself eather!!
(sorry, my bad english, but i'm not good at it! ---> i'm tryin' hard)

3rd August 2005

i_am_an_angel10:49am: Helllloooooo?
Where is everyone?

John Cena won the title.
--No one posts.

John Cena released his new CD.
--No one posts.

John Cena moves to RAW.
--No one posts.


I'm guilty, too. Let's start talking, ya'll!!!
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28th April 2005

johncenapix4:26pm: MORE JOHN PICS - OLD & NEW
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

See more @ http://www.jcena.com - including fanlist, pictures, clique, community & more

22nd April 2005

johncenapix11:44am: WOOOO - NEW URL IS LIVE BABEE!
The new site url (http://www.jcena.com) is now thankfully live so please feel free to check it out. I'd love if people have anything they would like to contribute to it - full credit will be given with your name and the url of your journal/community or website as applicable. Also looking for more Cena related websites to affiliate with so post any suggestions up on site or mail me. It would be much appreciated.
Also what do people think about Cena facing JBL in the I QUIT match @ Judgement Day?

21st April 2005


18th January 2005

nettah4:22pm: there has been so quiet.
where is everybody? :))

25th December 2004

i_am_an_angel11:35am: Merry Christmas
And Happy Holidays!


13th August 2004

i_am_an_angel12:55pm: Cena's Rap Smackdown 8/12/04
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
The Champ is here! The Champ is here!
The Champ is here in Detroit!

So tonight on Smackdown, we s'posed to have have this little relay.
Booker T's team backed out. They'd rather have a three way.
My team's ready to rock. I got Mr. Thursday Night.
Jumping froggy with five stars, gettin' higher than a kite.
And Charlie Haas is tough. But I'm gonna make it no surprise.
You on my team because of Jackie. She has them...real...big...Eyes!
And the franchise is doing big business at SummerSlam.
In a best of five series, I got Booker T's number, Man.
Because John Cena is a one man [bleep] kicking committee.
And we about to rock the house, right here in the motor city.

25th July 2004

i_am_an_angel1:44am: Cena's Rap Smackdown 7/22/04
And I finally found out why Kurt Angle is so mad at me.
His wife's cheating on him with some Double A batteries.
So he makes me wrestle Luther. I'm supposed to be real scared.
He's stuck up Kurt's (bleep) more than Kurt Angle's wheel chair.
It's the City of Brotherly Love, but those two are carried away.
Those dudes are so close, they gettin' married today.
I want ya'll to take a real good looke at Luther Reigns
That ain't a mustache. Those are Kurt Angle poopy stains.
I'm 'onna break up this honeymoon between Kurt and his spouse.
You gon' wip your feet (bleep), this is my house!!!

10th July 2004

i_am_an_angel11:27am: Cena's Rap for Smackdown 7/8/04
John Cena's Rap for Smackdown 7/8/04

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
The Champ is here!
I said, '"The Champ is here!"

Booker T, Booker T, Booker T, Booker T, Booker T

I'm gonna rip his dreadlocks out.
And I'm not giving him his wig back.
I keep my title tonight.
Sucka...can you dig that?
I am five times better.
Plus I got five times the groupies.
He needs a bike with no seat.
So he can sit and spin-a-roonie.
Yo, I been the Franchise
Since the first time I took the mic
I ain't gonna lose tonight
To no Whoopi Goldberg look-a-like.
He can't see me--(Interrupted by Kenzo Suzuki)
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18th May 2004

alimah5:33pm: post this everywhere
May 19th is national gas boycott day. With gas prices on the rise, something must be done to send a message to the gas companies. If no one in America buys gas on the 19th the gas companies will lose an estimated $45 MILLION dollars! If you're not happy with paying over $2.00/gallon please do not buy gas on May 19th. Please re-post this so that it will be able to reach as many people across the country as possible

8th May 2004

endvic10:38pm: Some John Cena items some of you may be interested in ...
Hey people,

I'm selling off the bulk of my collection of WWE memorabilia pretty much from top to bottom. I have a couple of John Cena action figures, if you're interested, please check them out.

I also have a brand new, sealed copy of WWE ORIGINALS on CD that I may be listing soon as well. If any of you wants it, make me a fair offer for it and its yours. I'm not looking for a full brand new CD price, but just a fair price for it.

If you have any questions, drop me a line at victor@victormoreno.com.


Brand new! John Cena RA 8.5 Street Gear action figure from the WWE SmackDown! brand. MOC




Survivor Series John Cena action figure from the WWE SmackDown! brand. MOC


30th April 2004

i_am_an_angel3:44pm: My Second Column is posted
My second column is posted. I forgot the whole quotations and apostrophe problems. ARRRR!!! lol But if you want to check it out here's the link:


Just click on Kim's Page.
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27th April 2004

i_am_an_angel10:36am: Sorry Off Topic
I know this is off topic, but I just want anyone reading this to check out my LJ. I'm taking my own survey for school, and I'd appreciate everyone's help.

21st April 2004

i_am_an_angel12:24pm: My first column is posted....
Yeah, my column is posted on the John Cena website. I just re-read it, and I realized that I have to leave out apostrophes and quotation marks. There are like a million and one question marks in it b/c it doesn't decode (I guess I can say) the apostrophes and quotation marks. I know better now, and I'll work on that for the next article.

If there's anyone interested in reading it, go to: http://www.freewebs.com/cena_word_life/index.htm
And click on Kims Page. Feel free to post comments here if you like or hate it.
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10th April 2004

i_am_an_angel11:28pm: John Cena's Rap for Smackdown 4/8/04
San Antone! San Antone! San Antone!
Now is San Antone up in here to represent? (Damn straight!)
Then throw them hands up and let me hear ya make some noise!

This great American award?
I'm 'onna win it tonight.
It's a no brainer.
Even Kurt Angle can get it right.
I'm the United States Champ
I put on a demonstration.
I beat two Italians last week
To get this nomination.
Renee Dupree was ringside
With one of his poodle mutts.
So I punked out a French Dude
And hit his (bleep) with my nuts.
So whoever I'm fighting tonight
I got a word of advice, Man.
I be slammin' cats with style
Just like I was the Iceman.
I gotta little something to say
To the rest of the nominees.
Don't get choked up when you lose.
Get choked up on Deez!
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3rd April 2004

i_am_an_angel1:55pm: Cena's Rap for Smackdown 4/1/04
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

But is Columbus here to represent? (Damn straight!)
Then let me hear the whole building make some noise!

I'm stil giving FU's,
And still pumping up my shoes.
This Great American Award?
Your boy is not gonna lose.
Look at Charlie Haas;
He had to cheat his way in.
Big Show is buying apple pies;
He's trying to eat his way in.
And ya'll know they gonna keep this award sucker free.
Forget about that Busta Rhymes Wannabe
They call Booker T.
See, I'm 'onna win this thing tonight
By beating two Italian tough guys.
I'm reppin' Ohio State!
Giving competition Buck Eyes!
But check this out.
Michael Cole gotta new squeeze
(Tazz they look good together.)
But you know what? Before ya'll choke on each other
You can choke on Deez.
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29th March 2004

i_am_an_angel2:27pm: Cena's Rap from SMACKDOWN! 3/25/04
Chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill.
Welcome to Smackdown!
This is where the franchise play.
That's Tazz, he a thug.
And that's Michael Cole, he's gay.
Now there's some things you need to know
I'm here to keep you prepared Bro.
Don't leave your watch or your wallet
Anywhere near Eddie Guerrero.
(Fool pick pocketed me like five times. He still owes me 50 bucks. He still got my ID.)
This is the most important thing
But you'll remember, this one easy.
Don't go nowhere near a bathroom
After Big Show or Rikishi.
(They be dropping them bowl winders. They got that funk like something up and died in here.)
And get your eyes off my euipment.
I don't care how bad you want some.
This chain ain't for yanking.
And don't touch my Magic Johnson.
(Those French folk go their own thing. You know. I ain't gonna judge, but that's you. You do you. I'll do me. You know what I'm sayin'.)
I'd introduce you to these fans
But it's obvious that they want none of you.
It's becaue they know that France sucks.
Plus, they throwing up the "W".
It's be a good time for you to leave.
Don't let the door hit you when it shuts.
Oh! I got something you can do, Man.
Choke on these nuts!
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